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Abba Bambi Bamboo Banana Beemer Big Gram Biggie Ma Biggie Mama Booma Boomie Bubbles Bunny Cha-cha Chatty Ciaba (cha-bah) Cookie Dear, Dearie, Dear Ma Dizzy Dodie Doodie, Dooty Gabby, Gabbi Gadget Gitchey Go Go Go Ma Grammug Grampoo Grancie, Grancy Grandmutter Granny Mame Grimmi Grinni, Grinny Happy Honey Huggy, Hugs, Hugme Jamagramma Jamma Khakie, Kakie Lolly, Lolli Lulu Lovey Lovey Dovey Lula Mamabear Mamacita Mambo Maxi Ma Mayzie Mermie Mini, Mini Ma Mommo Momsy Moogie, Moogs Moo-Moo More Mom, More Mama Muddy Muffer, Muffy, Muff Mumpy, Mumps Nanamy Nanoo Nooni Nu Nu Peaches Pittypat Pom Pom Puddy Pumpkin Punky Queen B/Queen Bee Queenie Sew-Sew, Sew Ma Slo Ma Snuggy, Snugs, Snuggums Sunny Sweetie Sweetums Tea Ma Tink, Tinky Tinkerbell Toots Tootsie Twinkie Twinkles Unni Upsy Uttermutter, Uddermudder Wicky We already had a couple of Grandmas and a Mema, in our family I knew one more would be too confusing.
When my son was 3 our pediatrician recommended gently retracting and using soap.

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